dns-sd & AirPlay / AirTunes


$ dns-sd
dns-sd -E                  (Enumerate recommended registration domains)
dns-sd -F                      (Enumerate recommended browsing domains)
dns-sd -R <Name> <Type> <Domain> <Port> [<TXT>...] (Register a service)
dns-sd -B        <Type> <Domain>        (Browse for services instances)
dns-sd -L <Name> <Type> <Domain>           (Look up a service instance)
dns-sd -P <Name> <Type> <Domain> <Port> <Host> <IP> [<TXT>...]  (Proxy)
dns-sd -q <name> <rrtype> <rrclass> (Generic query for any record type)
dns-sd -Z        <Type> <Domain>   (Output results in Zone File format)
dns-sd -G     v4/v6/v4v6 <name>  (Get address information for hostname)
dns-sd -V    (Get version of currently running daemon / system service)


Browse & Look up

$ dns-sd -B _raop._tcp
Browsing for _raop._tcp
Timestamp     A/R Flags if Domain                    Service Type              Instance Name
17:05:13.971  Add     3  8 local.                    _raop._tcp.               C92A14084F64@Hello

$ dns-sd -L "C92A14084F64@Hello" _raop._tcp.
Lookup C92A14084F64@Hello._raop._tcp..local
17:11:26.993  C92A14084F64@Hello._raop._tcp.local. can be reached at Hello.local.:50391 (interface 8) Flags: 1
 et=0,3,5 cn=1,2,3 da=true sf=0x4 tp=UDP vv=1 pw=false am=AppleTV3,1 txtvers=1 vn=65537 md=0,1,2 vs=150.33 sv=false ch=2 sr=44100 rhd=4.6.5 ss=16
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